HRC Welcoming Schools - Welcoming Elementary School

Welcoming Schools Is a part of the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. This collection is from their Top Picture Books for a Welcoming  Elementary School list.
"The Great Big Book of Families" is written in colorful letters and surrounded by illustrations of families of all shapes, sizes, and colors.
A white cover with blue crayon sky from a crayon labelled Red
An African American girl opening a door and looking into a room
2 adult penguins with a baby penguin chick in front
A young Korean Girl  picking papers out of a glass jar.
A Brown girl with a rainbow of flowers on her head
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A pregnant Mom kissing the head of a young boy, who is on his dad's shoulders
A brightly colored family sitting on the couch
Blue circle inside the word One
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Cityscape with black boy with wings floating in the sky
$18.99 USD