Riley Weaver Needs a Date to the Gaybutante Ball

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The next LGBTQ young adult rom-com from New York Times bestselling author Jason June (author of Jay’s Gay Agenda and Out of the Blue) follows femme, gay teen Riley Weaver as he fights back against a classmate’s femmephobia and takes a bet that he can find a masculine date to the annual Gaybutante Ball. 

Femme, gay teen podcaster Riley Weaver has made it to junior year, which means he can finally apply for membership into the Gaybutante Society, the LGBTQ+ organization that has launched dozens of queer teens' careers in pop culture, arts, and activism. The process to get into the society is a marathon of charity events, parties, and general gay chaos, culminating in the annual Gaybutante Ball. The one requirement for the ball? A date.

Then Riley overhears Skylar say that gay guys just aren't interested in femme guys or else they wouldn't be gay. Riley confronts Skylar and makes a bet to prove him wrong: Riley must find a masc date by the time of the ball, or he'll drop out of the Society entirely. Riley decides to document the trials and tribulations of dating while femme in a brand-new podcast. Can Riley find a fella to fall for in time? Or will this be one massive—and publicly broadcast—femme failure?

This new novel from Jason June explores how labels can limit and liberate us, and shows just what can happen when you bet on yourself. 

Jason June is gay and femme and loves nothing more than a good pair of heels. He is the New York Times bestselling author of Out of the BlueJay's Gay Agenda, and more books about queer love and lust and chaotically gay shenanigans. He lives in Austin, TX, with his husband and their Pomeranian, Pom Brokaw, both of whom would be his escorts to the Gaybutante Ball


Jason June (Out of the Blue, 2022) has written an important, entertainingly busy book with a welcome, character-driven focus on a femme teen. Intelligently and smoothly written, the book makes a much-needed contribution to queer literature. An excellent companion to L.C. Rosen's Camp (2020) that proves, as Riley would say, it’s hearts over parts! -Booklist (starred review) An incredible coming-of-age story about embracing yourself, combatting problematic standards, and love in all its shapes and ways all wrapped into something so campy, dramatic, queer, and so uniquely and beautifully Jason June. -Jonny Garza Villa, author of Pura Belpré Honor Book Fifteen Hundred Miles from the Sun Fierce and fearless, Jason June’s rainbow explosion of queer coming of age is pure joy. RILEY WEAVER will leave you feeling seen in ways you didn’t know you needed and inspire you to make your own gay chaos. Thank the queer gods that RILEY WEAVER exists in the world!! -Stephan Lee, author of K-Pop Confidential Hilarious and bursting with heart, Riley Weaver is sure to dazzle readers in this story about love, identity, and self-discovery! -Robby Weber, author of If You Change Your Mind

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