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The narratives we share shape the world around us. In Stories Like Me, we have created a corner of the world in which all children can see themselves in the images and stories around them, creating a community of readers and storytellers who understand their own value as well as the value of others. With our mission of being the most comprehensive and accessible resource for diverse and empowering children’s literature, we strive to promote equality, equity, and inclusion, both in literature and in life.


Stories Like Me will passionately serve to bring stories to all children in communities across the United states. As we source and celebrate diverse books of all kinds, we will strive to learn and grow our inclusivity and representation. Committed to empowering the local community we will partner with local organizations to ensure Stories can be shared with children no matter their circumstances, and support the organizations who work with our under represented and marginalized children populations. We bring together experts and the community in support of children and their families and create a welcoming and respectful space for them to enjoy books..

By sharing stories that reflect the beauty and experiences of all children, we generate peace and empathy through books. - Helen C. CEO

Team Members


Helen Campbell (she/her)

Co-Founder and CEO

Once upon a time an English girl named Helen called herself "Peggy", ( her friend Ruth was "Nancy" because Pirates are Ruthless). and they were the Amazons from Arthur Ransome's Swallows and Amazons, Now she calls herself Helen :) and spends her time looking for stories for everyone from her new home in Pittsburgh.
K.a Joben

Imogen Campbell Hendricks (she/her)

Co-Founder and Literary Specialist

Once upon a time, Imogen read  Judy Cox’s Now We Can Have a Wedding! and has loved food and stories ever since. Though her study of literature has gone beyond discovering traditional wedding foods and into the realms of critical theory and intersectional feminism, the joy of reading remains. She also enjoys long walks with good music and sharing a cup of tea with Dottie.
Richard Bauer

Elsie Campbell (they/them)

Co-Founder and Education Specialist

Once upon a time, Elsie collected snails and dinosaur figurines. As they got older, they began to collect languages too! Elsie just got their Master's degree in French and Spanish and continues to explore multilingual and multicultural stories!
Richard Bauer


Reading Companion

Dottie Campbell is delighted to be sharing the house with a group of powerful ladies and shares in their love of tea - especially when drunk directly from a mug! A lover of all people and dogs Dottie enjoys playing at the dog park, taking classes with mum and relaxing in front of the fan on hot sunny days.

Our Advisory Council

Advisory Council

We the founders of Stories Like Me, LLC. feel strongly that fostering an inclusive environment cannot happen without the help of an advisory council to offer us perspectives to which we, in our privilege, may be blind. Our Advisory Council Members are passionate about diversity, equity, and inclusion and will act as coaches and mentors for the Stories Like Me staff in the creation of their business, website, marketing, and product selection.

We understand that power dynamics are ingrained into our society and are working hard to subvert them in an educated and compassionate environment. The Advisory Council is meant to expand the horizons of Stories Like Me in a conversational and convivial way.
The Council will provide the invaluable role of mirror, and window (much like our mission of every child being able to see themselves in a story) so that we can accomplish our mission with grace.
"Storytelling is the Foundation of Empathy".

Nathalie Portman, Actor, and Author of the upcoming " Natalie Portman's Fables"