A Wave of Stars

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Have you ever heard of the moonbow? It’s a rarely occurring natural phenomenon. Its beauty is otherworldly, but legend says that if animals gaze upon one… they become human!

Mimbi the seal and Kipo the turtle live carefree lives in the ocean, playing every day with their friends and listening to old tales the octopus tells at night. But one day…

Follow these two friends in this new beautiful and magical legend by the creators behind The Truly Brave Princesses, Dolores Brown and Sonja Wimmer.

Dolores Brown is the author of the acclaimed book The Truly Brave Princesses (2018 Best Children's Books by Kirkus), as well as The Day of Your Arrival, a charming tale about adoption from a different viewpoint. Her books radiate subtleness and tenderness, with a strong message in each story.

Sonja loves painting pictures and telling stories. After studying and working some years as a graphic designer in her hometown of Munich, and Brussels, she decided to pack her suitcase and move to Barcelona to study Illustration at the Llotja Arts and Crafts School. Since then she lives between brushes and all kinds of wonderful tales, working as freelance illustrator around the world. Over the last years various of her books have been awarded in the United States. The Journey of The Captain Scaredy Cat is her first book with NubeOcho Ediciones. Her book Bogo, the Fox Who Wanted Everything is a Junior Library Guild Selection.

In the pages of "A Wave of Stars" by author/storyteller Dolores Brown and illustrator/artist Sonja Wimmer, children ages 4-7 will fully enjoy following these two friends in their adventure. Original, beautiful, entertaining, and thoroughly 'kid friendly', "A Wave of Stars" will prove to be an extraordinary and enduringly popular addition to family, daycare center, preschool, elementary school, and community library picture book collections.---Midwest Book Review

Two sea creature friends accidentally look at a moonbow and become human in this book that reads like a Scandinavian fairy tale. Though a kind fisherman sees them crying and helps them swim under a restorative wave of stars, they retain fond memories of “the day they were children.” Wimmer’s drenched-blue art trails into wispy black-and-white pencil sketches.----
8 Picture Books That Let Young Minds Wonder and Wander on Their Own, The New York Times.

The story has a dreamy, folktale-like feeling with a unique perspective on life in the sea and the way the human experience differs from that of marine life.--- Bayviews

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