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Bling Blaine Throw Glitter not Shade


Blaine's a boy who loves to shine . . . well actually, he loves to sparkle. Whether it's his uniform, his book bag, or even his baseball cap, Blaine's all about the bling. But when his bling rubs some people the wrong way, and the bullying begins, Blaine--along with the entire school--starts to lose his shine. Can Blaine's friends bring back his glimmer and gleam by glittering up their own wardrobes? This delightful story proves that anyone can love bling, and that happiness comes when allies band together to throw glitter--not shade.

Rob Sanders is an elementary school teacher in Brandon, FL. He is the author of Pride: The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow FlagPeaceful Fights for Equal Rights, and Stonewall: A Building. An Uprising. A Revolution. His other picture books include Rodzilla, the Ruby Rose series, and Outer Space, Bedtime Race

Letizia Rizzo is an illustrator from southern Italy who happens to be a hopeless glitter addict.. Her previous books include Big Red for Little Bear and Red's Adventures: The Egg Pie

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