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Cinderella's Magical Wheelchair: An Empowering Fairy Tale


Join Cinderella in a World Where Anything is Possible!

In a Kingdom far, far away lives Cinderella. As expected, she slaves away for her cranky sisters and step-mother. She would dearly love to attend the Royal costume ball and meet the Prince, but her family is totally dead set against it. In fact, they have gone so far as to trash her wheelchair! An unexpected magical endowment to her wheelchair begins a truly enchanted evening and a dance with the Prince. Can true love be far behind?

  • This fairy tale demonstrates people with disabilities can overcome abuse
  • Children with disabilities finally have a Cinderella story they can identify with
  • In this version, Cinderella uses her own abilities to build a new future for herself

Jewel Kats (1978 – 2016) is best known as an award-winning children’s author of twelve books, eight of which are about disabilities. She is the writer and creator of the “Fairy Ability Tales” series. She penned fairytales, both classical and/or original, with their child protagonists having a disability or chronic illness. Talk about fun and unique!

Many of Jewel’s readers also know her as the real-life inspiration behind “Archie Comics” character, Harper Lodge. Harper is the cousin of Jewel’s idol, Veronica Lodge, and the first ever character to have a disability.

Richa Kinra is an internationally published illustrator of several children’s books, adult fiction books and spiritual poems. She is from India. She lives with her family, and says she received a lot of encouragement from her parents and friends who saw her artistic talent. Apart from children book illustrations she has also freelanced for various magazines and websites. Her hand painted works are primarily in watercolors, acrylic and oils, sometimes incorporating colored pencil, dry colors, pen & ink and/or collage.


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