Stewie Boom! and Princess Penelope: Handprints, Snowflakes and Play-Dates

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At school, Penelope's teacher encourages the class to play with someone new at recess so that they can see that minds, like handprints and snowflakes, are one of a kind. Penelope chooses Eric and they have so much fun she invites him over for a play-date. Before he arrives, Penelope's Mom tells her that Eric's mind is called "on the spectrum," and so his unique preferences might be different from the ones she's used to. To prepare, they practice using quiet voices, listening with their eyes, and being flexible. As their play-date unfolds, Penelope and Eric show readers the many ways that families can embrace neuro-diversity.

Christine Bronstein is the founder of Nothing But The Truth Publishing, an independent publishing house specializing in works by female authors and artists from around the globe, all with varied racial and ethnic groups, socioeconomic backgrounds, and ages, and author of the Stewie Boom Series of Children's books.

Karen Young earned her BFA at the Rhode Island School of Design, and her Masters in Art Psychotherapy from Drexel University. In her younger years, you could find her on the 27th Ave beach in Longport NJ, never once wearing shoes all summer long. In high school, you could find her camped out in the art studio every free period that was available. At University, you could find her interning and working for Children’s Hospitals utilizing her art therapy education and film degree to help kids and teens create art and video projects during stressful times. Currently, you can find her glowing with joy over illustrating the character Stewie Boom, and loving her husband and daughter overwhelmingly. She is still a Tom Boy at heart, and proud to wear checked Vans in her 40s…just like she did as a child in the early 80s. Karen is beyond elated to have found a soul sister friendship with kindred spirit and author Christine Bronstein, who also wears checked Vans circa 1984.

"Stewie Boom! and Princess Penelope: Handprints, Snowflakes and Play-Dates provides an approachable introduction into our distinct differences and how to work with and celebrate them." – Maya Fleischmann, Manhattan Book Review

"Reading this delightfully written and illustrated children’s book is like discovering a most precious gem in a bounty of lost treasures. Stewie and Penelope’s adventures on a play-date reveal the profound joy and benefits afforded by providing the means for children with ALL kinds of minds to socialize and play. The story further brings to light the importance of creating opportunities for children to co-create their own social and imaginary play worlds where inclusion and neurodiversity are valued. This is a meaningful book that both children and adults will adore." – Pamela Wolfberg, Ph.D., Professor, San Francisco State University and Founder, Autism Collective for Peer Socialization, Play & Imagination

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