Me and My Sister

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Getting along with your sister is never easy—especially if your brains work in different ways! Based on the author’s childhood, Me and My Sister is a gentle exploration of growing up with an autistic sibling. 

Life in a neurodiverse home isn’t straightforward: these siblings communicate and behave in different ways. They’re also unique people with different likes and dislikes. Misunderstandings are bound to happen! But despite the occasional bickering and confusion, maybe this brother and sister can discover new ways to love and help one another. 

Siblings of all backgrounds will connect to this playfully illustrated story about embracing difference.

Rose Robbins is the author of Me and My Sister (Eerdmans), a companion to Talking Is Not My Thing. She has a Master of Arts in children's book illustration from the Cambridge School of Art and was a runner-up for Hachette UK's Carmelite Prize in 2017. Rose grew up with an autistic brother, an experience that informs and shapes her writing. She serves as an ambassador with Inclusive Minds, an organization that promotes quality representation in children's literature, and she has written and drawn extensively about neurodiversity issues. Rose lives in Nottingham, UK.

Kirkus Reviews
“The writing is concise and easy to read, with a nice flow that is complemented by the colorful and expressive cartoon illustrations. . . . A heartfelt story of siblings’ unconditional love.”

Publishers Weekly
“A sensitive, realistic, ultimately optimistic portrait of what it means to confront difficult feelings and connect with others.”

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