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Tales of a Korean Grandmother


This multicultural children's book presents classic Korean fairy tales and other folk stories—providing a delightful look into a rich literary culture.

In her best-selling book for young readers, Frances Carpenter collects thirty-two classic Korean children's stories from the "Land of the Morning Calm": the woodcutter and the old men of the mountain; the puppy who saved his village from a tiger; the singing girl who danced the Japanese General into the deep river; Why the Dog and Cat are Not friends; and even a more familiar tale of the clever rabbit who outsmarted the tortoise.

The children of the Kim family sit at their beloved Grandmother's knee to listen to these and other traditional folk tales which are rooted in thousands of years of Korean culture.

Frances Aretta Carpenter was born in 1890, in Washington, D.C., the daughter of Frank G. Carpenter, a journalist and travel book author. She was educated at Smith College, receiving her BA in 1912. In 1920, she married W. Chapin Huntington, with whom she had two children. Carpenter was well traveled, accompanying her father on his investigate tours as a girl, and her husband on his stints with the United States Foreign Service. Those experiences are reflected in her many children's books, which feature folklore from many parts of the world.

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