The ABC of Fabulous Princesses


An alphabet of peerless princesses—from Anna of Amsterdam to Zenobia of Zurich—by the acclaimed Austrian designer Willy Puchner. 

Meet the princesses from A to Z. Some are ambitious, some bashful, some dangerous . . . but each of the twenty-six feathered empresses possess a uniquely charming character and come bearing an extraordinary gift for Prince William. Puchner’s opulent and incomparable illustrations make this abecedary a marvel for all ages.

Willy Puchner, born in 1952 in Lower Austria, works as a photographer, designer, and author in Oberschutzen, Vienna and on travel. After studying philosophy and history he followed his desires and visited the distant world for many years. He has published numerous books, shows his paintings in exhibitions, published in magazines, workshops and lectures.

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