Tu YouYou's Discovery

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Tu Youyou had been interested in science and medicine since she was a child, so when malaria started infecting people all over the world in 1969, she went to work finding a treatment. Trained as a medical researcher in college and healed by traditional medicine techniques when she was young, Tu Youyou started experimenting with natural Chinese remedies. The treatment she discovered through years of research and experimentation is still used all over the world today.

Songju Ma Daemicke is a software engineer and award-winning author. Her bookCao Chong Weighs an Elephant was an NSTA and CBC best STEM book and the 2018 CALA best children’s book winner. She lives in the Chicago suburbs.

Lin graduated from Hengyang Normal University with a degree in Environmental Art Design. She is an illustrator and painter making work for children’s books, magazines, and other publications. She lives and works in Pingxiang City, China.

This inspiring picture-book biography provides a much-needed counterpoint to harmful Sinophobic rhetoric around the origins of Covid-19...A compelling introduction to a passionate and tenacious Chinese researcher.--Kirkus Reviews

A much-needed biography of a woman scientist and great addition to any library's STEM -collection.--School Library Journal

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