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You might  know the adage: “Buy books from people who want to sell books, not colonize the moon.” And perhaps you know what you want to read and it’s not anything that we stock at Stories Like Me, but you still want to support an independent bookstore that champions representation. Enter, a site designed specifically to circumnavigate the looming presence of Jeffrey Bezos. works to bring readers exactly what they want while financially supporting independent bookstores. Bookstores, in return, can work with to sell all sorts of books - even ones they wouldn’t stock in their stores. 

 Think of Stories Like Me’s page as an inside look into your favorite booksellers’ minds: here, we have curated lists of books that we love and think you will love too - and not just for children. Discover your new favorite adult fantasy series, find a book you’d love to give as a gift, or deep dive into postcolonial poetry. Take a look at what we’re reading now, or, if you already have a title in mind, help support us financially. It’s up to you, we just ask that you help us keep the moon as she is. 

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