All the Ways I Hear You

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 Introduce your child or classroom to this diverse group of children who are excited to share their various forms of hearing technology and communication styles. Inclusion and positive representation are this book's TOP priority with a take home message of:

"The BEST way to hear is the way that works best for YOU!"


 Stephanie Nishek Marrufo is the proud mother of two beautiful children, one of whom has mild/moderate hearing loss. She, her husband (Carlo), their kids and their dog reside in Bismarck, North Dakota. She is a board member for the North Dakota chapter of Hands & Voices(TM) and is also a licensed and practicing Naturopathic Doctor. 

Priscila Soares is an artist with hearing loss living in Vallejo, California with her partner, step-daughter and two sons. She wears bilateral bone anchored hearing systems. Her youngest son was diagnosed deaf at birth and wears cochlear implants. Priscila is the creator of MyLuckyEars, where she advocates for people with hearing loss by sharing their stories through her mixed media work.


"We absolutely loved everything about this book. It's a great book to help children feel confident wearing their hearing devices and helps them understand the different devices they will see within their community! We've never found a book like this!" - Carly, Emma, Molly and Marissa Waters of Lemon(Aids).org

"This lovely book is the kind of story about diversity that every kiddo needs to read. It is a sweet yet simple way to learn all the various types of communication methods children with deafness and hearing loss utilize." - Valli Vida Gideons, Writer and Hearing Loss Advocate at

"Wow! What a great teaching story! Having children read about their own experiences and see images and characters depicting their own life experiences (i.e. seeing someone who looks just like them) is so important to the development of a positive self-identity and self-concept." - Tami Iszler, Teacher of the Deaf in Bismarck, ND

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