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 A children’s picture book about the remarkable lessons to be learned from a little girl named Tessa, who was born with Down syndrome. 47 Strings is a beautifully illustrated book for children of all ages.


 Writer and mom Becky Carey exposes her life raising her daughter Tessa, who has Down syndrome, on her blog, Trisomy Twenty ONEderful.  An advocate for her daughter and others with “47 strings”, Becky works daily to change the outdated stereotypes of Down syndrome. This book has become more than a tool for educating children on how to accept difference, it has become a launching pad for families to move forward together after a diagnosis presents itself. Becky, her husband Dan, and their children, reside in southwest Wisconsin.


47 Strings touched my heart - it is pure love! I would encourage any parents and educators to read this book to children as early as preschool age. It is inspirational, focused, and allows for those "teachable moments" that we look for in a children's book.

Randi Gillespie, Family Support Coordinator, National Association for Down Syndrome (NADS) and a parent of a daughter with Down syndrome

47 Strings is the best age-appropriate book explaining what Down syndrome is to young children. It's one of our favorite gifts to siblings, cousins, classmates, family and friends. Becky Carey does an incredible job sharing the message that individuals with Down syndrome will do all the things those around them will do, with a little extra practice. We wish every young child would have a copy of this wonderful book.

Carissa L. Carroll, Executive Director & Founder Jack's Basket

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