A Day with No Words

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An instant #1 New York Times bestselling picture book and national bestseller!! A Day With No Words invites readers into the life of an Autism Family who communicates just as the child does, without spoken language.

The American Library Association Booklist starred review boasts, “The story is written from the boy's first-person perspective, however—a clever choice in that it gives readers a direct look into his mind and reinforces the book's crucial statement that nonverbal people have as many words and as much intelligence as anyone else. Cosgrove's art, throughout, does an amazing job of transporting readers into his perspective, employing various color tones, metaphoric imagery, and ‘camera’ angles to reflect the deep expressiveness contained in every page [...] through this book, neurotypicals' eyes will be opened, and everyone in Autistic Families will feel seen—and heard.”

A Day With No Words is a colorful and engaging picture book for young readers shares what life can look like for families who use nonverbal communication, utilizing tools to embrace their unique method of "speaking."

Tiffany Hammond (she/her) is the voice behind the Fidgets and Fries platform. She is an Autistic mother, advocate, and storyteller who uses her personal experiences with Autism and parenting two Autistic boys to guide others on their journey. Tiffany has a Masters in Developmental Psychology and spends her time teaching, coaching, and mentoring others in Disability Justice issues. Her activism is rooted in challenging the current perception of Autism as a lifelong burden, cultivating a community that explores the concept of Intersectionality and inspiring thought leaders through storytelling, education, and critical discourse. Tiffany was born and raised in Texas and grew up on deep dish pie and stories from her grandmother. She is a dreamer by day and a cereal killer at night. You can usually find Tiffany writing in the light of the moon or thinking about what to write in the light of the day. When she isn’t writing, she is building epic pillow forts with her two sons or going on long road trips with her family.

Kate Cosgrove is an award-winning children’s book/KidLit illustrator with rainbow hair and pencil-smudged fingers. Her favorite things are drawing, reading, and hanging out with tiny creatures like worms and toads in her probably haunted and very old house. Her debut picture book, And the Bullfrogs Sing: A Life Cycle, was a Bank Street Best Book of the Year, and a Maryland Blue Crab Young Reader Award Honors book. Kate’s second picture book, The Dirt Book: Poems About Animals That Live Beneath Our Feet, was juried into The Original Art 41st Annual Exhibition in NYC by the Society of Illustrators. It was also a New York Public Library Best Book of the Year.

"It was so wonderful to see families like mine represented in A Day With No Words. As an Autistic self advocate and as the parent of an Autistic child it’s rare to find a book that both speaks to the experience of Autistic children in a way that is respectful and understanding of their humanity."
— Celeste Peña, Autistic Families of Color WA

"A Day With No Words is the book that all kindergarten classes need. It is a love letter from a mother to a child which let's us all in on the beauty of their relationship. The story celebrates that individual worth is not based upon the ability to speak and that the spoken word is only one way to communicate. The sooner we realize that kindness and understanding trump all the better we will be as a society."
— Lucy Aveling, Kindergarten Teacher, Toronto, ON, Canada

"A Day With No Words welcomes us into the world of Aidan, who has Autism and is nonverbal. Aidan delights in the world around him- from the comfort found in his mother's 'dancing' voice to the tactile joy of spinning barefoot in wet grass - and shares his experiences through the words he types on his tablet. With its vivid illustrations and storytelling that invites us to delight in simple sensory pleasures, A Day With No Words is a must for every young reader's shelf. Author Tiffany Hammond has written a beautiful, intimate book that invites us into Aidan's tender observations of the world around him."
— Dr. Kate Slater, Ph.D, 

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