Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding

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Kindhearted Archie is back! Her Poppy Uncle is getting married in a big Indian wedding, and Archie and new friend Emma realize that love and fun are universal.

In this cross-cultural friendship story, Archie helps Emma, who isn’t Indian, learn everything she needs to know when Archie’s Poppy Uncle and Emma’s Auntie Julie get married. The girls go to the mehendi party and sangeet together. They help Julie at the wedding, steal Poppy’s shoes, and eat ladoos at the reception. Now Archie and Emma are friends—and cousins!

Archie’s adventures celebrate Indian culture! We first met Archie in Archie Celebrates Diwali and now join her in the follow-up Archie Celebrates an Indian Wedding. Backmatter in Archie's books feature kid-friendly resources to enrich the reading experience.

Mitali Banerjee Ruths is the author of The Party Diaries series and Archie Celebrates Diwali. She grew up in a big Indian family. She is an American living in Canada who sometimes still dreams about being an astronaut.

Jarwinder Singh has been drawing since childhood. He worked in animation before creating children's books. He loves exploring art styles and traveling to different places. He is the illustrator of Archie Celebrates DiwaliLet's Eat! Mealtime Around the World, and other books for children.

This is the second Archie book in which the protagonist Archana (aka Archie) teaches readers about an Indian tradition. The story finds Archie excited about her Poppy Uncle’s wedding; it is,after all, an “Indian wedding . . . a lot of things happen. You’re supposed to have fun and behappy.” The book reads like a primer for cultural outsiders, represented by the blonde bride andher white family. It falls to Archie to explain the traditions and rituals to young Emma and even toMiss Julie, the bride herself. If readers can suspend disbelief in the credibility of the plotline, theycan enjoy learning about, or recognizing, many of the ceremonies involved in and around the wedding. Meanwhile, Archie and Emma become friends and family. Detailed and colorful illustrations bring the wedding to life, and back matter reiterates the significance of the customs.This could be part of a text set about Indian weddings, along with Zain Bandali's Mehndi Boy (2023), Meera Sriram's A Garden in My Hands (2023), and Ameya Narvankar's Ritu Weds Chandni (2020).



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