Butterflies Belong Here

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Butterflies Belong Here is a powerful story of everyday activism and hope. 

In this moving story of community conservation, a girl finds a home in a new place and a way to help other small travelers. 

This book is about the real change children can make in conservation and advocacy—in this case, focusing on beautiful monarch butterflies. 

• From Deborah Hopkinson and Meilo So, the acclaimed team behind Follow the Moon Home
• An empowering, classroom-ready read
• The protagonist is a girl whose family has recently immigrated to the United States.

I know what to look for: large black-and-orange wings with a border of small white specks, flitting from flower to flower, sipping nectar. But though I looked hard, I couldn't find even one. I wondered if monarch butterflies belonged here. I wondered if I did, too.

Butterflies Belong Here
 is proof that even the smallest of us are capable of amazing transformations.

• Equal parts educational and heartwarming, this makes a great gift for parents and grandparents, as well as librarians, science teachers, and educators.
• Those interested in beautiful butterflies and everyday activism will find this lovely book both motivating and inspiring. 


Deborah Hopkinson is the author of many award-winning nonfiction books for young readers, including Titanic: Voices from the Disaster, Apple to Oregon, and Follow the Moon Home. She lives with her family near Portland, Oregon.

Meilo So is the esteemed illustrator of many award-winning books, including Follow the Moon Home, Bronze and Sunflower, Water Sings Blue, and Water Rolls, Water Rises. She was born in Hong Kong and now lives in the Shetland Isles.

★"[T]houghtful. . . colorful. . . detailed. . . This beautiful picture book unites fiction with facts while quietly promoting environmental activism."
—Booklist, starred review

Following an earlier, similarly structured collaboration by this team ( Follow the Moon Home) about a child gaining self-assurance while working on an environmental project, Hopkinson and So introduce a brown-skinned girl whose confidence grows as she organizes her class to start a milkweed garden for migrating monarchs. . . . So's delicate mixed-media drawings capture the girl's classmates and portrays the protagonist as she journeys from lonely newcomer to poised leader.- Publishers Weekly

"[In Butterflies Belong Here] creative illustrations parallel the shifts in tone, with scientific information presented as if on the pages of a textbook, in contrast to glowing illustrations of an idyllic neighborhood filled with people, colorful buildings, and a community garden. . . . Readers inspired by the [main character’s] activism can find additional resources on monarchs and environmental activism in the book’s closing pages."
—Horn Book Magazine

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