Cantora : Mercedes Sosa, the Voice of Latin America

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Sing out! With a stunning, graphic style and a melodious text, this picture book tells the story of Latin American icon Mercedes Sosa and how she became the voice of a people from exile to triumph.

What if a voice became a symbol of justice?
I’m here to offer my heart, said that voice.

The folk rhythm of the bombo drum beats like a heart, with a resonant voice singing the truth of her people. Mercedes Sosa sang about what it means to be human, and her songs of struggle always spoke the truth of the injustice that so many workers and families in Latin America faced. 

As a teen, she won a local radio contest, and as her confidence grew, so did her fame. From a folk festival to Carnegie Hall and the Sistine Chapel, Mercedes performed the world over, sharing stories through song. But not everyone loved her singing: a military dictatorship ruled over Argentina, and they saw the power of her voice. Even from exile, Mercedes Sosa was a beacon of freedom for her people, and when she returned to her homeland, she persisted in her work: to be the voice of the voiceless.

Adding a personal touch as a fellow Argentinean, Melisa Fernández Nitsche fills her debut picture book with bright and breathtaking illustrations that will surely inspire and empower young readers as they read about the impact one person's voice can have.

Melisa Fernández Nitsche is the illustrator of I Wish Wish Wish for You. She has a bachelor's degree in advertising and communication. Her bold and beautiful art has been featured in advertisements, children's games, and digital media. Melisa was born and raised and still resides in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cantora is her debut author/illustrator book.


[A] soaring tribute." —Kirkus Reviews 

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