How to be a Pirate

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CeCe dreams of being a pirate. When the neighborhood boys tell her that she can't, she wonders where to begin. Luckily, she suspects her grandpa must know something about being a pirate--why else would he have all those tattoos?

As he shares each tattoo, Grandpa and CeCe are transported from adventure to adventure, and CeCe discovers that there are all kinds of ways to be a pirate--Be BRAVE! Be QUICK! Be INDEPENDENT! And FUN!--and most of all, whether you're a pirate or not, the most important thing you can do is to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

This heartwarming and imaginative story from Isaac Fitzgerald and bestselling illustrator Brigette Barrager is a vibrant, joyful expression of what it means to be all kinds of wonderful things . . . including a pirate

Isaac Fitzgerald has been a firefighter, worked on a boat, and was once given a sword by a king, thereby accomplishing three out of five of his childhood goals. After making a bunch of cool things for the internet, he now writes books and lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Brigette Barrager is an award-winning artist, character designer, illustrator and writer of children's books, best known for illustrating the bestselling Uni the Unicorn by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. Brigette earned a degree in character animation from the California Institute of the Arts, where she now teaches. She lives and works in Los Angeles with her handsome husband, a grumpy little dog, and two rascally gray kitties.

"How to Be a Pirate is fabulous! Surprising, funny, and just lovely." --Jacqueline Woodson, bestselling and award-winning author of THE DAY YOU BEGIN and BROWN GIRL DREAMING


"A beautiful, generous, fun collaboration of story and illustration and pirate tattoos. Seriously wise pirate advice for everyone!" -- Jon Scieszka, National Ambassador for Young People's Literature


"This is a bighearted book about stories and storytellers, told with wit, flair, and abundant tenderness." -- Mac Barnett, New York Times bestselling author


"[This book] exemplifies what children's literature should be, sweet, emotionally generous, and elegant in what it can teach a child. . . . This book is charming as #$@%." -- Roxane Gay, New York Times bestselling author


"Isaac Fitzgerald could've easily named this, HOW TO REMEMBER HOW AWESOME YOU ARE, because that's what this book is. A reminder that every child-pirate is, in fact, a treasure." -- Jason Reynolds, New York Times bestselling author of ALL AMERICAN BOYS and LONG WAY DOWN 

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