I Am Stuck

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A tender (and humorous!) look at the way tough emotions can make us feel stuck, and how the presence of a good friendand a deep belly laughcan make it easier to get through stormy feelings. Complete with back matter to help stuck readers feel better through noticing, smelling, talking, and taking a deep breath, this is a perfect pick for those who loved Grumpy Monkey and The Rabbit Listened.

“Stuck?” asks Duck. Yep, Turtle is flipped over on his shell and can’t seem to get un-stuck. Duck suggests wiggling his feet, Kangaroo wants him to wag his tail, and Armadillo says rolling into a ball always does the trick. But Turtle is STILL. STUCK.

Is there anyone who can help? 

This wise and humorous story reminds us that when we’re feeling down, sometimes what we need most is a friend by our side—and a deep belly laugh—to help us get back on our feet again. 

When Julia Mills was six years old, she discovered that there were many pictures of cats in the “C” volume of the encyclopedia. She attempted to draw and paint every single one and has been making art ever since. Julia is an author, illustrator, and public-school art teacher. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and two kids. When she feels stuck, she likes to have a cup of tea and a nap. 

 "Mills’ bright, cartoonish watercolors are enticing. The help of a good friend resolves a sticky situation in this sweet tale." -Kirkus Reviews

"The possum’s comforting companionship will convince even the youngest child that sometimes just being with a friend in trouble can help." -School Library Journal

"This makes an easy pick for a social/emotional lesson storytime. A sweet look at pals supporting each other."
-Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books

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