I love my Colorful Nails

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Ben loves painting his nails with lots of bright colors because it matches his cheery personality. But one day at school when some boys start calling him a 'girly girl', Ben loses his cheer and stops painting his nails. But the story doesn't stop there. With the help of his father and a change at school, Ben gets his cheerful colors back.

Alicia Acosta is a professional storyteller from Andalusia (Spain). She works with groups of children in schools and for Government organizations, and combines her work with her background as a psychologist to promote the love of reading in children. She is also a radio announcer and organizes theater workshops. Little Captain Jack was a finalist for the International Latino Book Award in the Best Children's Fiction Picture Book in English class.

Luis Amavisca is a well-known visual artist and writer for kids in Spain. He has worked and written about equality, solidarity, environment and non-violence. He has published several books including “Princess Li” and “Bang Bang I Hurt the Moon”, this last one being the runner-up for the Most Inspirational Children's Picture Book by the International Latino Book Awards.

Gusti is an illustrator, animator and tireless traveler. He has illustrated several children’s books, such as The Elephant Caught in a Trap, The Grey Boy and Mallco & Papá, which won the Bologna Ragazzi award in the Disability category. His works have been published in more than 20 countries by publishers such as Gekken and Hachette.

An original and thoroughly 'kid friendly' picture book for children ages 4-8 that touches on emotions, being yourself, and peaceful solutions to negative confrontation. Midwest Book Review-- "Midwest Book Review"

A young boy who loves to paint his nails in cheerful colors is made fun of at school. His father and those around him paint their nails to stand against Ben's bullies, encouraging him to be himself, despite what others think. This picture book touches on emotions, being yourself, and peaceful solutions to negative confrontation. IndieBound


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