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Hardcover: Cleve Jones and the AIDS Memorial Quilt

From the blanket that his great-grandmother made for him as a boy, to the friends he gathered together in San Francisco as a young man, to the idea for a monument sewn of fabric and thread, Cleve Jones’ extraordinary life seems to have been stitched together bit by bit, piece by piece.

Mentored by Harvey Milk, Jones first had the vision for what became the AIDS Memorial Quilt during a candlelight memorial for Milk in 1985. Along with friends, Cleve created the first panels for the quilt in 1987. The AIDS Memorial Quilt grew to be one of the largest public arts projects ever and helped grow awareness of HIV and AIDS. The Quilt is an iconic symbol of hope and remembrance and is Jones’ shining achievement. It has since toured the world and been seen by millions.

This evocative biography is a touching tribute to Jones’ life of advocacy, the positive effects of a community working towards a common goal, and an inspiring story for young readers. Includes a timeline and extensive back matter.


  • Named one of Chicago Public Library’s Best of the Best Books of 2021

The book’s descriptions of the actions taken by Jones and others over a long time, with government and society against them, show readers what a struggle it was to gain compassion for victims of AIDS. Foregrounding this struggle is Jones’ experiences of feeling like an outsider because of his sexuality… A great addition to nonfiction shelves.

 This neatly woven picture book biography features Cleve Jones (b. 1954), a white gay man who moved to San Francisco, became a mentee of Harvey Milk, and eventually came up with the idea for the AIDS Memorial Quilt. Sanders emphasizes the quilt theme throughout… A rhythmic poem by Sanders, presented in full via the ample back matter, ties this richly informative book together.
Publishers Weekly, STARRED REVIEW

 It's story is beautifully captured in the book’s smooth pacing and brief paragraphs. Readers will follow its journey from that march as it becomes both a monument to mourning and a means of changing the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS…the book is pretty darn impressive. Storytelling and history, beautifully stitched together.
Kirkus Reviews, STARRED REVIEW


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