The Rainbow Parade : A Celebration of LGBTQIA+ Identities and Allies

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Join the celebration at the Rainbow Parade and witness a heartwarming story of acceptance and friendship in this joyful picture book by LGBTQIA+ advocates Shane Jordan and Rick Hendrix!

Set at a stormy pride parade, the story follows a child who is free to express their gender identity, celebrating with their father. But when they meet a non-binary child who doesn't feel comfortable in their own skin, they lend a helping hand and show them that they are seen, accepted, and loved.

Gentle storytelling and stunning illustrations celebrate the magical experience of finding one's community. Featuring expert back matter, The Rainbow Parade is a must-have addition to any bookshelf and for children of all identities that encourages children and gatekeepers to break down stereotypes and embrace diversity. This book offers a timely and important lesson on the power of love, friendship, and acceptance.

SHANE JORDAN is an author, philanthropist, consultant, and digital media strategist, as well as a staunch advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. His debut book was published in 2020. When not advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, he often spends time with his French bulldog, Izzy, deciding which fabulous dress she will wear each day!

RICK HENDRIX is a writer, director, political consultant, and filmmaker. For more than two decades, he’s owned one of the most influential institutions in the music industry, promoting renowned artists such as U2 and Mariah Carey, among others. His most recent book, released in 2020, became a national bestseller. In his free time, Rick enjoys volunteering, spending time at the beach, and conducting research for his projects.

"The Rainbow Parade is filled with warmth, beauty, and most importantly, a message of Pride for who you are and who you love. An important message and read for children, allies, and anyone who needs a reminder of our shared humanity." — Chelsea Clinton

"A warm and colorful journey of what it means to truly love yourself." — Elton John

"The Rainbow Parade is a love letter to pride and acceptance for all gender identities and sexual orientations. A must-read for everyone." — Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO, GLAAD

"The Rainbow Parade gives young readers the permission to be exactly who they are—a message that is needed now as much as ever. Heartwarming, and a true lesson on accepting ourselves and those around us, this story belongs on family bookshelves for generations to come." — The Trevor Project

"The Rainbow Parade will let kids know their stories and their friends' stories are a beautiful part of the fabric of humanity. That's something every child deserves." — Kelley Robinson, President, Human Rights Campaign


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