The True Story of Helen Keller

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Paperback / Young reader edition

Help kids ages 6 to 9 discover the life of Helen Keller―a story about hope, courage, and finding your voice

Helen Keller became a celebrated author, educator, and activist who believed in equality for people with disabilities. Before she made history as the first deaf and blind person to graduate from college, Helen was a smart kid who loved learning. She overcame many challenges to learn how to read, write, and talk. She spoke up for other people with disabilities so they could get equal rights. Explore how Helen Keller went from being a young girl in Alabama to the world-famous First Lady of Courage.

The Story of Helen Keller includes:

  • Word definitions―Find a helpful glossary for some of the more advanced words and ideas in the book.
  • Test your knowledge―Take a fun quiz that tests the Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How of Helen's life.
  • Lasting change―Learn about how Helen made the world a better place for future generations.

How will the extraordinary journey of Helen Keller inspire you?



CHRISTINE PLATT is the author of The Story of Harriet TubmanThe Story of Alexander Hamilton, and other books. She holds a bachelor's degree in Africana Studies, a master's degree in African and African American Studies, and a J.D. from Stetson University College of Law. Her storytelling teaches people of all ages about diversity and inclusion 

"Helen Keller has always been inspirational. I thought I knew a lot about her until I read Christine Platt's book. The story is incredible. With vivid illustrations, this is a wonderful book that all ages can enjoy together." --Stacia Deutsch, bestselling author

"What an inspirational, educational, and engaging book! I learned so much about this pioneering woman and all of her incredible accomplishments, including founding the ACLU. Using clear and concise writing, Platt features Helen Keller's life in a way that will leave kids feeling they can conquer the world!" --Susan B. Katz, Award-Winning Author and National Board Certified Teacher

"The Story of Helen Keller inspires young readers to hope and work to overcome difficult--even what others call impossible--circumstances. With a bit of encouragement, Helen Keller achieved great things despite disabilities and difficulties." --Annette Whipple, Author of The Laura Ingalls Wilder Companion and The Story of the Wright Brothers

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