Un Tractor Muy, Muy Ruidoso

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Ganador de los Moonbeam Children's Book Awards en 2013. Un cuento divertido y original que nos invita a abrir la mente y a ser libres, viendo las cosas como las ve un niño: como realmente son.

Un tractor avanzaba por la carretera. Su ruido atronador impedía a la conductora oír las exclamaciones y los comentarios negativos de las personas que salían a su paso. Claro que, a veces, para lo que hay que oír, es mejor así: que el ruido sea muy, pero que muy fuerte… Esta divertida mujer, agricultora de profesión, se paseaba arriba y abajo con su vehículo de confianza, muy segura de sí misma y orgullosa de su profesión: la agricultura. A su paso, muchos ciudadanos adultos no comprenden la extravagancia de esta especial y original conductora. Sin embargo, cuando un niño gritó: “¡Hola, señora del tractor!”, nuestra conductora detuvo su tractor y se maravilló de esa frescura, esa espíritu libre que solo transmiten los niños.


Winner at the 2013 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards. A fun, original tale that invite us to open our minds and free our spirits, seeing things the way a child sees them: as they really are.

A tractor came chugging down the road. Its noisy engine prevented its driver from hearing all the negative comments and reproaches people yelled as she drove past. Of course, considering the silly things some people say, sometimes it’s better when there’s lots and lots of noise! This funny woman, a farmer by profession, drove up and down with her trusty vehicle, looking empowered and and proud of her job: agriculture. Many adult citizens she encountered along the way didn’t not understand the extravagance and the uniqueness of this special and original driver. However, when a child saw her and yelled “Hi there, lady on the tractor!”, the tractor came to a halt and the lady turned off the motor and marveled at that freshness, that free spirit that only children transmit.


Mar Pavón (Manresa, Spain, 1968) is a writer mainly dedicated to children's literature. Some of her extensive work is translated into English, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese and Korean, among other languages. She has been honored with prestigious awards in the US, some of which were presented by the International Latino Book Awards. Her most significant work is Yeray Poeta, published following the birth of her son in 1996. Her most popular character is “Clucky the Hen”, created in collaboration with the illustrator Mónica Carretero, winner of several awards and recognitions 

Nívola Uyà is a Spanish award-winning illustrator and visual artist, with a degree in Environmental Sciences. She loves nature as much as illustration and, whenever possible, combines both worlds. She makes illustrations for books, campaigns, audiovisuals and murals, as well as illustration and creativity workshops in many corners of the world, convinced that the creative process brings out the best in people and makes us more sensitive.

With a palette of luminous colors and a magical-realistic style, she likes to capture possible and optimistic worlds, that spread love and hope. She has more than a dozen illustrated albums published in English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, German and Swahili, distinguished with several international awards, such as the Silver Medal at the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards for Best Illustrator, and Best Illustrated Album Award at the International Latino Book Awards and the selection Seal Chair of UNESCO for Reading.

“Mar Pavón and Nívola Uyá present an ingenious witty story that humorously vindicates the role of women in areas where it is still surprising to see them, such as agricultural work. A picture book that encourages readers to choose their destiny freely and without prejudice.” —Canal Lector

A Very, Very Noisy Tractor is an original and funny story with a playful text that inevitably brings to mind the well-known saying “Sticks and stones”. It is that in situations like the one presented, only children, with their open mind and their free spirit, see things as they are and, for that very reason, they deserve to be heard." —Un periodista en el bolsillo


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