Welcome to Your Period!

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This frank, funny guide to getting your period gives preteens all they need to master—and even celebrate!—menstruation.

Getting your period for the first time can be mortifying, weird, and messy—and asking questions about it can feel even worse. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This taboo-free guide is packed with honest advice and big-sisterly wisdom on all the things girls need to know: from what cramps feel like to whether you can feel blood coming out, to what you should do if your pad leaks onto your clothes. Welcome to Your Period includes case studies, first-person accounts, questions from real teens, and answers from health journalist Yumi Stynes and adolescent health specialist Melissa Kang, MD. Cheerful illustrations keep the tone fun, and help with how-tos on different period supplies. There are even suggestions for throwing a first-period party. With its inclusive, body-positive message, pocket size, and reassuring vibe, this must-have menstruation manual will make girls feel not only normal but proud.

Yumi Stynes is a TV and radio presenter and the coauthor of Welcome to Your Period! She’s currently the host of Ladies, We Need to Talk, an award-winning podcast that explores tricky topics and taboos about women’s health. She is a second-generation Japanese-Australian and lives in Australia.

Dr. Melissa Kang is the longest-serving expert behind the popular Australian advice column “Dolly Doctor” and the coauthor of Welcome to Your Period! She is a practicing medical doctor for marginalized young people, specializing in adolescent sexuality and health, and has academic roles at two universities. She is a fifth-generation Malaysian-Chinese-Anglo-Australian and lives in Australia.

Jenny Latham is an illustrator who has a passion for illustrating real people and spreading body positivity. She loves empowering people with her work and hopes it puts a smile on their faces. She lives in the UK.

Latham’s illustrations are colorful and fun and reflect girls from all different cultural backgrounds, body shapes and sizes, skin colors, and ages. This idea that menstruation is both universal among women and uniquely individual is further supported by text sidebars that include experiences from women of all ages and backgrounds. This confident and upbeat narrative about girls and puberty is a refreshing addition to school and public library collections.

This is the book that I needed as a young girl! This title answers questions about the menstrual cycle that I did not even know to ask and presents answers in a fun, casual, and informative style...This is a must-have for any library serving young women on the verge of puberty.
—School Library Connection

Casual and engaging, this seeks to demystify, reassure, and arm readers with information about menstruation and other aspects of puberty...Energetic and accessible, this guide serves as a cheerleader in your corner.
—Kirkus Reviews

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