The Curie Society : Eris Eternal

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paperback/graphic novel

The plucky young scientist heroes of The Curie Society go toe-to-toe with a powerful and sinister threat in a globe-spanning scientific adventure on the cutting edge of advanced biotech.

Our heroic teen science prodigies are back for a new mission with the Curie Society, an elite secret organization where brilliant women can pursue the furthest reaches of their intellect, and this time they face a threat more serious and more sinister than anything they’ve encountered before!

Maya, Taj, and Simone are supposed to be spending their summer broadening their horizons, but their plans take a strange and puzzling turn when the Curie Society’s original chapter, at the Sorbonne in Paris, calls on them for help. Daksha, a Society alumna, is promoting cutting-edge science and technology startups at a showcase event, but someone has threatened to stop her and the proceedings. When Daksha is poisoned, the team swings into action to investigate.

Along with new friends from the Paris chapter of the Curie Society, the team is thrown into a globe-spanning quest and a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a shadowy villain intent on controlling the world’s wealth through advanced biotech. The Curie Society will need all their specialized science skills to stop this scheme before it’s too late!

Heather Einhorn (Co-Creator) grew up loving Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesBatgirl, female detective stories, and teen spy thrillers, so she started EEP Universe to make her own. In her career she’s worked with Godzilla, Batman, and Superman, and as an executive producer for EEP she co-created the teen detective scripted podcast series Lethal Lit: A Tig Torres Mystery, the science adventure graphic novel series The Curie Society, and the webcomic/pop music star Free Hexel, among many others. She lives in New York City and Southampton with her creative partner, Adam Staffaroni.


Adam Staffaroni (Co-Creator) is a lifelong fan of comics, and as an editor he’s worked on books starring Punky Brewster, Care Bears, Peanuts, and many more. Now an executive producer for EEP Universe, Adam creates new worlds for young readers with his creative partner, Heather Einhorn. He’s a graduate of Dartmouth College and received an MFA as part of the first-ever graduating class at the Center for Cartoon Studies.

Writers Guild Award winner Anne Toole (Writer) currently writes the Horizon Zero Dawn comic from Titan. She was also lead writer on the Curse of the Pharaohs DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Origins, creator of the 100-episode series Alles Liebe, Annette, and wrote for the Emmy-winning web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Anne serves as Co-Chair for the Women in Games SIG of the International Games Developers Association (IGDA) and is an elected Board Member and Communications Chair for the IGDA Los Angeles Chapter.

Sonia Liao (Artist) is an illustrator and comic artist based in Westford, Massachusetts. She graduated with her BFA in Illustration from MICA in 2014 before returning to New England and interning at Fablevision Studios. Her hobbies include watching crime procedurals and DC television shows and reading.


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