This Day Changes Everything

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DASH & LILY meets FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF in this whirlwind rom-com about two queer teens who spend one life-changing day together lost in New York City.

Abby Akerman believes in the Universe. After all, her Midwest high school marching band is about to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City—if that’s not proof that magical things can happen, what is? New York also happens to be the setting of her favorite romance novel, making it the perfect place for Abby to finally tell her best friend Kat that she’s in love with her (and, um, gay). She’s carefully annotated a copy of the book as a gift for Kat, and she’s counting on the Universe to provide an Epic Scene worthy of her own rom-com.

Leo Brewer, on the other hand, just wants to get through this trip without falling apart. He doesn’t believe the Universe is magical at all, mostly because he’s about to be outed to his very Southern extended family on national TV as the trans boy he really is. He’s not excited for the parade, and he’s even less excited for an entire day of sightseeing with his band.

But the Universe has other ideas. When fate throws Abby and Leo together on the wrong subway train, they soon find themselves lost in the middle of Manhattan. Even worse, Leo accidentally causes Abby to lose her Epic Gift for Kat. So to salvage the day, they come up with a new mission: find a souvenir from every location mentioned in the book for Abby to give Kat instead. But as Leo and Abby traverse the city, from the streets of Chinatown to the halls of Grand Central Station and the top of the Empire State Building, their initial expectations for the trip—and of each other—begin to shift. Maybe, if they let it, this could be the day that changes everything, for both of them.

EDWARD UNDERHILL (he/him) is a queer trans man who grew up in the suburbs of Wisconsin. He began writing (very bad) stories as a kid and wrote his first (also very bad) novel in his teens. In college, he earned a master’s degree in film music composition. After a few years living in tiny apartments in New York, he moved to California, where by day he writes music and by night he writes stories, which aren’t as bad as they used to be. When not doing either of these things, he’s probably gardening or hanging out with his cat. He is the author of Always the Almost.

 “Pick this up if you love books where the setting feels like a character, but stay for the absolute magic that is watching Abby and Leo fall in love with each other and with themselves.” –Booklist (starred review)

“Tender, earnest, and unabashedly romantic—an ode to serendipity, liminal spaces, and the joy of marching to your own drumbeat.” —Becky Albertalli

“Captures the magic of New York City, unexpected adventures, and whirlwind romances, showing spectacular things can happen if you trust the universe, and yourself, enough to let them.” –Rachael Lippincott

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