47,000 Beads

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 Peyton loves to dance, and especially at Pow Wow, but her Auntie notices that she's been dancing less and less. When Peyton shares that she isn't comfortable wearing a dress anymore, Auntie Eyota asks some friends for help to get Peyton what she needs.

Koja Adeyoha's an Oglala Lakota, two-spirit, Butch Dyke, activist, organizer, socialist, feminist, spinster and native Californian. She's a surfer with strong ties to the Mni (Water), the lessons it brings, and stories it tells. Koja's worked in Emergency Medicine and Fire Department for 20 years. She's found getting her hands dirty, reading 5 books concurrently, drumming, forever singing Indigo Girls, and practicing Pilates, self-restraint and hard truths. The personal is political, and her work reflects that.

Angel Adeyoha lives in Oakland, CA on unceded Ohlone land, and is two spirit, queer, gender-defiant, Indigenous and mixed-race, with a complex ability status. So in a word, confusing. That's one of the reasons that Angel is dedicated to helping folks make their own complicated identities and lives understandable and just plain better. How? By telling stories, listening to stories and making room for multiplicity for all of us.

Holly McGillis is a non-binary illustrator living within the Greater Toronto Area. Their work focuses on the magical qualities of narrative and storytelling. Holly finds inspiration in the world above--the sky, stars and clouds. They tell of whimsical, light-hearted journeys held in places of wonder. They use a strong sense of nostalgia and detail in their work to create something reminiscent of a dream.


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