A Vanishing of Griffins

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The epic, middle grade fantasy continues in Book Two of the Songs of Magic trilogy!

Having upset the Hamelyn Piper's dastardly plan to build an army through songs of mind control, 13-year-old Piper, Patch Brightwater, must foil the escaped villain's next sinister plot: assembling a suit of immortal armor. Accompanied by Wren, a girl cursed to live as a rat, and Barver, a fire-breathing dracogriff, Patch seeks the aid of old friends, legendary heroes, and a near-dead sorcerer. 

Embark on another adventure with the motley trio as they clash with pirates of the Eastern Seas, uncover secrets of the griffins, and dabble with magic to undo past wrongs and forge their own offense before it's too late. 

S. A. Patrick’s Songs of Magic trilogy is a brilliant retelling of one of the darkest legends of all time, "The Piper of Hamelyn." Combining folklore with the very best of modern storytelling, the books will delight young fantasy fans who are hungry for perilous quests, friendships forged on the road, and an inventive magic system that thrills the imagination.

S. A. Patrick was born in Belfast. When he was a child, he wanted to write video games, become and author, and have magical powers. The first two came true. If he ever does get magical powers, he hopes people like dragons and griffins because there will suddenly be a lot of them around. He lives in England.


"Nonstop action and plot twists keep readers on their toes, and the regular introduction of new characters and obstacles to the friends’ journey adds to the story’s complexity. . . . A strong second entry in this action-packed fantasy trilogy."—Kirkus Reviews
"Their world is steeped in whimsy; even amid the violent horrors they face, there are touches of humor and lightheartedness. . . . [A] Vanishing of Griffins is an inventive fantasy novel in which friendships and perseverance help teenagers to overcome the obstacles they face."—Foreword Reviews

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