Animals Brag About Their Bottoms

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Fans of Taro Gomi’s Everyone Poops and Matthew Van Fleet’s Tails will be over the moon for this adorable book about beautiful animal bottoms.

All bottoms are wonderful! Don’t you agree? Each animal in this adorable book has a different reason for loving their behind—from cute and round to fashionable and striped. Maki Saito makes readers laugh out loud with playful illustrations of the backsides of hippos, zebras, pandas, mandrills, and more. Her traditional Japanese art techniques add a sophisticated, beautiful feel. Charming and whimsical, this book encourages self-love and body positivity, as well as a whole lot of laughter and fun.

Maki Saito is an artist and author known for her unique artistic methods using paper collage, stenciled paintings, and bin-gata, a traditional Japanese dyeing technique developed in Okinawa. She has written and illustrated several books in Japanese, inspired by her love for all living creatures in nature. Animals Brag About Their Bottoms is her first book translated into English.

 "The text is light, conversational, and funny; and the painterly patoots are lovely in their texture and shading.... By the end (ha!) we've learned a little about these remarkable creatures."
--The Horn Book

"This humorous title delivers just what it promises: fauna fawning over their own rumps. ...In Saito's delicate renderings, each bottom is distinct and, yes, beautiful."
--Kirkus Reviews

"From a cuddly round bunny bottom to a hippo's "so-o-o big" bum, Saito celebrates animal behinds in all their forms...there's not a trace of self-consciousness in this jaunty, no-nonsense exhibition of animal posteriors."
--Publishers Weekly

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