Can You See Me?

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Tally is eleven years old and she's just like her friends. Well, sometimes she is. If she tries really hard to be. Because there's something that makes Tally not the same as her friends. Something she can't cover up, no matter how hard she tries: Tally is autistic.

Tally's autism means there are things that bother her even though she wishes they didn't. It means that some people misunderstand, her and feel frustrated by her.

People think that because Tally's autistic, she doesn't realise what they're thinking, but Tally sees and hears - and notices - all of it. And, honestly? That's not the easiest thing to live with. 


Rebecca Westcott has been a teacher for many years and currently teaches part-time in an elementary school where she is the special educational needs coordinator. Can You See Me? is her US debut. She lives in Dorset, England, with her husband and three children. 

Libby Scott is a young autistic writer who lives in the UK with her family. Since her Life of a Perfectionist essay went viral online, she has become an autism advocate, speaking about her own experience at conferences and in interviews. Can You See Me? is her first novel. 

This glimpse into the world of a young autistic girl is astonishingly insightful and honest. Tally's struggles to 'fit in' are heart-wrenching, and her victories are glorious. -- Ann M. Martin, Newbery Honor and New York Times bestselling author of Rain Reign

Tally is smart, compassionate, and she has a superpower: autism. This own voices story is wonderfully authentic and informing. It doesn't portray an 'autistic girl'; rather, we get to meet a well-defined, relatable character who also has autism. I hope this book finds its way into the hands of readers everywhere as a reminder that our perceived weaknesses can also be our greatest strengths. -- Wesley King, bestselling author of OCDaniel

* Give [this book] to everyone, because a little understanding can go a long way. -- School Library Journal, starred review

* This is a sweetly appealing story of finding oneself in a time of change, and it's heartening to see an autistic protagonist who finds happiness through the growth of those around her and not via learning to hide herself . . . Alongside a compelling heroine, vividly accurate portrayals of stressful situations and specific needs offer a rare and valuable window into one autistic point of view. -- Publishers Weekly, starred review

Tally's story -- based on Scott (herself 11 and autistic) and co-written with the neurotypical Westcott -- shines with authenticity. The deceptively simple prose sticks tightly to Tally's point of view, conveying her courage and quirky charm while rendering with painful acuity her struggles with anxiety and sensory overload. Her triumph comes in her resolve to present as her own unique, different 'normal.' -- Kirkus Reviews


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