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Hardcover / Pop-up

Stylish artwork by award winner Owen Davey makes this 3-D introduction to dinosaurs a standout.

Watch long-extinct creatures spring to life in a striking first pop-up book for budding paleontologists. Showcased are fifteen dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles, from Ankylosaurus to Velociraptor, each one accompanied by its name and pronunciation. At once simple and sophisticated, Owen Davey’s striking pop-ups, with their geometric patterns of spiky scales, dramatic splotches, and dotted feathers, are sure to mesmerize dinosaur aficionados of all ages.

Owen Davey is an award-winning illustrator who works with traditional and digital media to create retro-inspired illustrations. His work has been published worldwide, and he has been nominated for the Kate Greenaway Medal twice. Owen Davey lives in London.

 Perfectly sized for small hands, this fun-to-browse volume blends eye-catching illustrations and sturdy paper engineering to introduce 15 dinosaurs and prehistoric reptiles…This handsome offering makes an inviting first stop for young dinophiles, who will be inspired to dig deeper and learn more.
—School Library Journal

Fine fare for younger dinophiles alone, one-on-one, or in herds.
—Kirkus Reviews


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