Diary of a Dyslexic School Kid

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Experience day-to-day life for a dyslexic kid, including school life, bullying and coping with tests and homework, in this frank and funny diary.

Co-authored with a teenage boy with dyslexia and illustrated with cartoons, this is a positive yet honest look at the difficulties of being dyslexic. Using a simple and relatable approach, the authors display the ups and downs of school - and home - life with a reading difficulty, focussing on the sometimes overwhelming experience of being at a bigger school and studying loads of new subjects.

Providing tips for what really helps and works based on real-life experience, this fun, accessible book shows teens and tweens with dyslexia that they are far from alone in their experiences.

Alais Winton is a private tutor working with dyslexic children in Wales. She has taught on several further education programmes, as well as teaching adult learners on PGCE courses. As a dyslexic teacher and learner herself, Alais has collated and researched techniques to assist dyslexic learners in education.

 Zacharia Django Millard Zac, who was fourteen at the time of writing this book lives in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Being dyslexic Zac finds school work challenging, especially English and Maths. He loves playing x-box games and going for walks. Zac would like to be rich and famous and live in Spain. 

Alison Patrick – author of ‘The Dyspraxic Learner – strategies for success.’

 This book will ease the way for any dyslexic adolescent grappling with the trials and tribulations (and the joys) of transitioning to life at secondary school. Alais and Zac bring a lightness of touch to this engaging, visual journey into life with dyslexia. 

Jenna age 13

 I could really relate to this. I really liked the images and some of it made me laugh. This would be good for anyone with dyslexia because it is so relatable and shows them that they are not the only one. 

Cameron age 12 (Star Wars fan)

 I like the style of this, I like that it's a diary because this makes it easier to read. The font is nice and big and easy to read. It's just amazing (like yoda). 

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