Dinosaur Lady : The Daring Discoveries of Mary Anning, the First Paleontologist

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Did you know a woman scientist discovered the first dinosaur bones? Learn all about how she changed the world in this new picture book biography!

As a kid, Mary Anning loved hunting for fossils with her father. One day, that hobby led to an unexpected discovery: the skeleton of a creature no one had never seen before! Mary had unearthed a dinosaur fossil, the first to ever be discovered.

Her find reshaped scientific beliefs about the natural world and led to the beginning of a brand new field of study: paleontology. For the rest of her life, Mary continued to make astonishing finds and her fossils are displayed in museums all across the world! The daring discoveries of Mary Anning not only changed the scientific world, but also helped change people’s attitudes towards women scientists.

Dinosaur Lady is a beautiful and brilliant picture book that will enlighten children about the discovery of the dinosaurs and the importance of women scientists.

LINDA SKEERS is the author of several critically acclaimed children’s books. She also teaches picture book writing

workshops, including sessions on writing humor for kids. She lives in Iowa. 

MARTA ÁLVAREZ MIGUENS is a self-taught children’s illustrator. She was born in a small town in Galicia, Spain, and currently lives in La Coruña, Spain. She is the illustrator of Shark Lady (written by Jess Keating), which was named a 2018 Best STEM Book by the Children’s Book Council as well as a Best STEM Book by the National Science Teachers Association.

"Sure to elicit excitement and curiosity. A sturdy portrayal of Victorian scientist Mary Anning that showcases her accomplishments, intelligence, and perseverance. " — Kirkus Reviews

"This appealing picture book celebrates Anning's significant contributions to paleontology." — Booklist

"[A] delightful illustrated biography ... Uncover fossils and never-before-seen skeletons with Mary as she ventures through rough terrain, weather, and the Geological Society’s antiquated notions of gender equality, all while looking lovely in Austen era gowns and bonnets." — Foreword

"[The] illustrated timeline that references scenes in the text is an effective recap. Fossil facts and an author’s note are also included." — The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"This enjoyable introduction to a pioneering paleontologist should intrigue and inspire young readers." — School Library Journal

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