Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Immigrant Women Who Changed the World ( Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls #3 )

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The third installment in the New York Times bestselling Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls series features 100 immigrant women who have changed the world. It is illustrated by 70 female and nonbinary artists from 29 countries.

Elena Favilli is an NYT bestselling author, journalist, and breaker of glass ceilings. Elena is the founder and CCO of Rebel Girls, a media company dedicated to inspiring the next generation of brave and confident girls. In 2016, she co-wrote and published the most crowdfunded literary project in history, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls, now translated into nearly 50 languages. She has written for the Guardian, Vogue, COLORS magazine, McSweeney's, RAI, Il Post, and La Repubblica. She lives in Los Angeles.

"A great way to help inform those conversations we must have with our children about celebrating diversity and encouraging empathy for others." ― Julia Dennison, Executive Editor, Parents

"An exciting tool for parents to show all little girls that the journey to self realization has many paths. An inspiring collection of examples of female power and gumption." -- Padma Lakshmi, NYTimes best selling author, host and executive producer of Emmy winning Top Chef

"A lively, engaging read that underlines the value of hard work, determination, and following your dream, and offers an entertaining counter to the anti-immigrant narrative" ― Common Sense Media

 "The third book in this best-selling kids' series celebrates female figures from Madeleine Albright to Rihanna, who left their native countries and made a difference." ― New York Times

 "An inspiring addition to any library that will appeal to all readers." ― School Library Journal

"There's no better way to empower your little one (or hey, yourself) as she powers down for the night." ― Yahoo! Entertainment


"Stylish illustrations from a variety of female artists show figures in their milieu...and accompany brief, accessible biographies about and quotations from each woman...A volume full of inspiring role models." ― Publishers Weekly

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