Hija (Little One)

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Ganador de los Independent Publisher Book Awards 2020. Este cuento tierno y lleno de color sobre el vínculo mágico que existe entre los papás y sus hijitas enamorará a todos los padres del mundo.

 Dicen que la primera vez que miras a tu bebé el corazón te da un vuelco, y es entonces cuando sabes que vas a amar a esa pequeña criatura que tienes en los brazos para siempre. Eso es lo que les pasó a los padres de esta niña tan especial, y en este cuento darle la bienvenida al mundo a su pequeña hija, mientras le explican qué esperar del mundo. Verla crecer y acompañarla durante este hermoso proceso les sanará el alma sin saberlo, ya que a través de los ojos de su hijita, los ojos de un niño, descubrirán de nuevo el mundo.

 Hija es una historia tanto para los padres como para los hijos, una invitación a amar incondicionalmente, para recordar a todas las hijas que sus mamás y papás estarán allí en cada paso del camino a través de la maravillosa aventura que es la vida.

¿Tienes una hija? Entonces tienes que conocer este fenómeno editorial que está enamorando a las mamás y a los papás de todo el mundo.

Winner at the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards. Full of warmth and promise, this picture book about the magic bond between parents and their baby girl will soon win the love of parents from all over the world.

 They say the first time you watch your newborn, your heart gives a little thrill, and that is when you know you are going to love the little creature in your arms forever. These parents’ experienced it and they lovingly welcome their young child, as they explain to her what to expect of the world. Watching her offspring grow up and accompanying her during this beautiful process will be indeed healing for them, as through her eyes, the eyes of a child, they will discover the world once again.

Little one is a story for parents and children alike, an invitation to love unconditionally, to remind all daughters that their moms and dads will be there every step of the way through the wonderful adventure that is life.

Do you have a daughter? Then you have to know this heart-melting publishing phenomenon that moms and dads from all over the world are falling in love with.


 Ariel Andrés Almada is an Argentine social entrepreneur, consultant and award-winning author. He has lectured around the world, and published articles in leading business magazines. He combines his work with creating children’s stories, his other passion. He has published with Cuento de Luz the titles Walking in a World of AromasThe Lighthouse of Souls and The Fear of Ivan. He currently resides in León (Spain).

Sonja Wimmer loves painting pictures and telling stories. After studying and working for some years as a graphic designer in her hometown of Munich and Brussels, she decided to pack her suitcase and move to Barcelona to study Illustration at the Llotja Arts and Crafts School. Since then, she lives between brushes and stories, working as an illustrator and freelance for publishers and other customers worldwide. She has received many awards for her work in the United States, most notably Gold Medal for Best Illustrator for The Word Collector.

The delightful illustrations lift this above many others of its ilk--Kirkus Reviews 

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