How the World Was Made

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A Cherokee creation story written in both Cherokee and English.

How the World Was Made is a traditional Cherokee creation story. It takes place during a time when animals did many of the things that people can do. When the earth was young, the animals lived on a rock above it, and the earth was covered with water. The animals needed more room, but where could they find it?

This book retells the delightful Cherokee tale of how the earth was created, while teaching the valuable lesson that even the smallest creature can make a big difference. Written in both Cherokee and English so readers can become acquainted with the Cherokee syllabary and language.


Brad Wagnon is a lifelong resident of the Gideon community and a citizen of the Cherokee Nation. He taught Cherokee history, culture and language at Tahlequah High School in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, for 10 years. Brad currently works for Cherokee Nation Community and Cultural Outreach as a technical assistance specialist. He trains community leaders how to better serve their communities and manage nonprofits. Brad lives in Gideon, Oklahoma.

Alex Stephenson is a therapist, author and artist. As is a licensed professional counselor, he has served as a therapist for the Cherokee Nation since 2014. Alex has written and illustrated books on friendship, acceptance, anxiety and compassion with the goal of helping children and parents discuss difficult topics more comfortably. He lives in Tahlequah, Oklahoma.



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