I Am a Thundercloud

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Big feelings are hard to manage, especially when you’re a small person trying to understand yourself and the world.  For those confusing stormy days, I Am a Thundercloud helps readers relate to their feelings through the sounds, sensations and colors of nature, making them feel comfortable and lighter.

Having emotions, even angry ones, is a part of being human. In Leah Moser’s I Am a Thundercloud a young child is having a bad day—they BOOM, ROAR, CRASH, and CRACKLE like an angry thundercloud. Tense body language, an inability to say the “right” words, the instinct to hide are like a brewing storm within the child. But like the sun breaking through, our protagonist processes big emotions by relaxing, asking for help, opening up, and pausing to permit themselves to breathe. This powerful picture book reminds us that having the ability to recognize how we are feeling not only increases our emotional intelligence and helps us process our own emotions, but it also allows us to recognize and empathize with others who are struggling with their emotions.

Leah Moser is a children’s book author living in Northern Virginia. With degrees in Elementary Education and Psychology, Leah has spent years as a classroom teacher. She loves sharing her passion for picture books with her husband, three daughters, dog, and readers of all ages--even those who are kids at heart. I Am a Thundercloud is her debut book. 

Marie Hermansson is an illustrator who lives in North Carolina with her husband, daughter, and son. She loves how children’s books have the ability to teach kids about complex topics in a simple and fun way and firmly believes that children’s books aren’t just for children.


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