Inside In X-Rays of Natures Hidden World

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Discover nature’s secret world with this amazing collection of X-ray photographs of animals and plants!

Using incredible X-ray techniques, Inside In displays creatures and their natural habitats in a never-before-seen way. Kids will learn the awesome answers to questions like: 

  • What does a bee look like under its furry coat? 
  • How does a seahorse protect itself with armor and a skeleton? 
  • How does a tree frog use its eyes to swallow?

Jan Paul Schutten has been writing children's nonfiction books since 2003. His books are popular and critically acclaimed; he has won several awards including the Gouden Griffel (Golden Stylus) for his book Children of Amsterdam.  

Translated by Laura Watkins

Arie van ’t Riet is a Dutch artist and medical physicist who uses X-ray equipment to create “bioramas”—X-ray portraits of animals and plants. While teaching the physics of radiation and radiation safety, he became interested in the application of low-energy X-rays to capture delicate objects. Arie van ’t Riet is “inspired by the unbelievable beauty of nature... and its wonderful complexity.”

 What can you see by looking inside an animal?...[the] images are the attraction. [E]ncourages a sense of wonder."
--Kirkus Reviews, STARRED review

"A visually intriguing book that will attract all kinds of readers."

"Stunningly beautiful and unique x-ray photographs of animals accompany engaging, thought-provoking, and funny text. This interactive book teaches us to notice details on the how and why of each animal's body shape."
--Sara Levine, veterinarian and award-winning author of science books for kids including Bone by Bone: Comparing Animal Skeletons

"The most intriguing x-ray collection I've ever seen, and I have seen a lot of x-rays. The pictures are enthralling, supported by informative and entertaining facts. Kids will love the book, learning about our natural world in an immediate and unique way. Every picture tells a story they say, but these pictures tell a story on another level completely. A stunning project, truly AMAZING."
--Nick Veasey, X-ray photographer and author of X-Treme X-Ray: See the World Inside Out, X-Ray: See Through the World Around You, and Inside Out.

"This brilliant book is a must for every classroom library."
--Dr. Erica Colón, Founder and CEO of Nitty Gritty Science, LLC

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