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Lustrous illustrations and a rhythmic text featuring a cumulative list of sounds bring to life the thrill of an impromptu jam session and the joy of making music together.

A drum circle is forming on the beach, and one fascinated child would love to join in. Soon there’s everything from a conga’s pat-a-pat-a, pat pat to some bongos’ taka taka, ta ta—and it looks like so much fun! But what do you do when you don’t have a drum? Well, when you let the music move you, you just might find other ways to jam, too!

JaNay Brown-Wood, PhD, is an award-winning children’s author, poet, educator, and scholar. Her previous books include Imani’s Moon, winner of the NAESP Children’s Book of the Year Award, and Grandma’s Tiny House: A Counting Story!, winner of the CELI Read Aloud Book Award. She lives in Sacramento, California.

Jacqueline Alcántara  is the award-winning illustrator of The Field and Climb On! (both by Baptiste Paul), Freedom Soup (by Tami Charles), Jump at the Sun (by Alicia D. Williams), and Your Mama (by NoNieqa Ramos), a finalist for the Kirkus Prize. Her books have been named Best Books of the Year by Kirkus ReviewsSchool Library JournalShelf Awareness, and The Horn Book, among others. She draws and teaches illustration in Chicago, Illinois.

* “A cumulative story with rhythm, rhyme, and a bopping bunch of percussionists. . . . Each percussion instrument has its own onomatopoeic sound that undulates across the pages as the beat variations grow. . . . In Alcántara’s richly colorful illustrations, the blues of sky and ocean, the tan sand, and the lush, green land remain constant while the musicians add as much color as they do sound, illustrating the amazing way that making music can bring people together and create community. Alcántara effectively captures the diversity of the characters in this African diasporic setting, illustrating various skin tones, hair styles and textures, clothing styles, fabric patterns, and more. With nearly singable text, this tale beckons readers to move. A fantastic book-jam that delights the ear just as much as the eye.” —Kirkus Reviewsstarred review

* “Readers can clap, tap, and drum along to a rhythmic jam session in this joyful seaside introduction to percussion. A conga player on a beach attracts other percussionists, the impromptu ensemble growing to include a djembe, a shekere, zills, maracas, and bongos. . . . The 'PAT-A-PAT-A PAT PAT' of the conga, the 'SLAP-SLAP. TIP-A-TAP' of the djembe, and other onomatopoeia ripple through Brown-Wood’s rhyming, irresistibly rhythmic verse, immersing readers in the percussive experience. In Alcántra’s expressive artwork, bright, summery hues of azure, fuchsia, and lime green leap out against the sand, adding to the jubilant vibes as characters of various skin tones throw their bodies into the music and dance.”—Publishers Weeklystarred review

“Brown-Wood’s short and satisfying rhyming couplets provide a steady beat to guide Alcántara’s colorfully energetic marker-and-Photoshop illustrations that leap off the page with movement. Superimposed, rainbow-colored, double-line strokes represent the sounds of the ensemble of drumbeats filling the air. Tension builds as the drum-less narrator works up the courage to ask to join the jam, and readers will be delighted to see that while the child may not have an instrument, the young one still has plenty of rhythmic skills to share. Surely a storytime winner, this radiant picture book will keep kids coming back to move and groove in their community.” —The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“Using colloquial greetings such as, ‘Hey there, brother,’ ‘What’s up, my peeps,’ ‘Hola, amigos,’ and ‘Good day there, mates,’ suggesting people of different ages and backgrounds, a circle of musicians forms on the beach. . . . As people playing djembe, shekere, zills, maracas, and bongos join the conga player, the child watching from across the street is drawn to the music. Moving closer bit by bit, the child decides to take a chance, despite not having an instrument, and proves more than ready to dance. This entertaining cumulative tale demonstrates the rhythmic power of music to bring people together in friendship.” —Booklist

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