Most Ardently: A Pride & Prejudice Remix

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A trans boy searches for a future—and a romance—in which he can live and love openly as himself in this heart-wrenching YA reimagining of Pride & Prejudice, the ninth book in the Remixed Classics series.

London, 1812. Oliver Bennet feels trapped. Not just by the endless corsets, petticoats, and skirts he's forced to wear on a daily basis but also by society's expectations. The world—and the vast majority of his family and friends—think Oliver is a girl named Elizabeth. He finds solace in the few times he can sneak out and explore the city dressed as a young gentleman.

During one such excursion, Oliver becomes acquainted with Darcy, a sulky, rude young man. But in private, Oliver comes to find that Darcy is actually a sweet, intelligent boy with a warm heart. And so Oliver will have to choose: Settle for safety, security, and a life of pretending to be something he's not, or risk it all for a slim chance at freedom, love, and a life that can be truly, honestly his own.

Gabe Cole Novoa (he/him) is a Latinx transmasculine author who writes speculative fiction featuring marginalized characters grappling with identity. Now leveled up with an MFA in writing for children, when he isn't being nerdy at his day job, or buried under his TBR pile, you’ll likely find him making heart-eyes at the latest snazzy outfit he wants to add to his wardrobe. Gabe is the author of The Wicked Bargain and the Beyond the Red trilogy, written under a former pseudonym

 "Novoa’s interpretation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is a testament to the power of queer spaces and community. ... Brimming with wit and chemistry, this queer revision of a much-beloved source text is nothing short of masterful. A must-purchase." —School Library Journalstarred review

"The minute I finished, I knew this book had already replaced the original Pride and Prejudice in my heart. Gabe Cole Novoa has infused this timeless love story with so much care for its transgender protagonist, so much reverence for its queer love story, that I’d happily hand him my whole stack of classics to remix. A beautifully crafted novel, and a gift to those of us still looking for a home in literature’s most celebrated tomes.” —Tehlor Kay Mejia, bestselling author of We Set the Dark on Fire

"This triumphant queer and trans retelling of Pride and Prejudice holds and cares for its readers, offering a gentle story during an especially difficult period in history for those outside the norm. The relationship between Darcy and Oliver is tender and rooted in mutual compassion. For every reader who fell in love with Pride and Prejudice but wished it was a little more queer." —Booklist

"A beautiful blend of wit, romance, and self discovery, Most Ardently is a must read." —Kels, bookseller at Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore (San Diego, CA)

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