Planet Power

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Explore six renewable energy technologies that are used around the world! Accessible verse and lush illustrations introduce children to important information about how we can harness the planet's natural resources including wind, water and sun. Inset boxes define new words like “turbine”, while extensive endnotes further explain the science behind each power source and the benefits of clean energy. 

An environmental geologist, nature lover, educator and climate journalist, Stacy Clark enjoys distilling science into lively rhymes for young readers. Working between New York City and Dallas, Texas, she is inspired by the awesome potential of renewable energy to transform the way that countries around the world are powered. She loves exploring Central Park with her dog, Luna, and cycling along scenic trails and coastlines with her family.

Annalisa Beghelli worked as an architect for four years before deciding to follow her passion for drawing and graphics. She graduated from MiMaster-Illustrations and International Design School based in Milan and now works as an artist with several picture books to her name.

“A thorough and accessible informational text for climate change discussions and reports” – The School Library Journal

“We have so many clever, clean ways to power our world: the push of the breeze, the warmth of the sun, even the flow of the tides. This book reminds us what a sweet planet it is — and that if we're careful, we can keep it rolling on!” – Bill McKibben, Environmentalist and Author

“Planet Power: Explore the World’s Renewable Energy is a wonderful story for kids of all ages” – Ed Begley, American actor, conservation champion, and renewable energy activist

“Through the power of rhyme, Stacy Clark provides readers with a view of the future of renewable power and highlights the diversity of communities around the world. Beautifully paired with Beghelli’s vibrant illustrations, Planet Power is a captivating introduction for young readers to explore the exciting possibilities of renewable energy” – Melissa A. Burt, Ph.D., Co-founder of, Research Scientist

“Stacy Clark’s Planet Power gives kids of all ages a compelling window to a clean, green future, where the world is united against the threat of climate change. Renewable energy from wind, water, and sun is already transforming the world but we have to speed it up! Planet Power’s rhyming verses and bold illustrations will inspire and activate the next generation in service to the greatest challenge of our time” – Clara Vondrich, Senior Advisor to the President of Global Choices


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