Santa's Red Bathtub: Bajillion Bubbles

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Hardcover: Local Author!

In Bajillion Bubbles, the adventure begins when Santa Claus gets a brand new, shiny, red bathtub. He’s hard at work getting ready for Christmas so he doesn’t notice Mrs. Claus, the reindeer, and a team of elves helping themselves to delightful bubble baths in the new tub. Unfortunately, they use up all of Santa’s special bubble bath! Santa’s right-hand elf, Ralphie, has a plan to replace the bubble bath but will it work? And will Santa get clean and ready in time to deliver Christmas gifts? Author, Heather Gray, and artist, Nicholas Cornell, put a vibrant spin on their favorite North Pole characters. They entertain readers through wondrous words and colorful illustrations sharing their holiday spirit and inspiring some truly clean fun!

A business development executive for a Fortune 10 company and an entrepreneur, Heather Gray, loves new adventures. She is an avid reader and passionate writer. As a child, her favorite activity was creating stories and books. She would spend hours using any available resources to assemble colorful creations and vibrant tales. Today, she continues to share her excitement for art, language, and literature with friends and family. She lives in Fairfax, Virginia, with her husband, two sons, dog, two kittens, and three fish. Santa’s Red Bathtub is her first children’s book.

Most of the time, Nicholas – a guy in his 20’s and on the autism spectrum – is in his art studio, creating characters, scenes, and animations on his computer, painting at his easel, or sculpting fantasy animals in clay. With a imaginative mind, Nicholas has been drawing ever since he could hold a pencil. At the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, he received a Certificate in 2D Animation. He was a traditional animator on The Adventures of Turtle Taido, children’s TV show. When he is not creating, he loves to travel and be out in nature to gain new experiences that he can then take back to the studio. In The Boy and the Tree and Santa’s Red Bathtub, he is very excited to be sharing his artwork in published books for the first time.


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