Something More

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A contemporary teen romance novel featuring a Palestinian-Canadian girl trying to hide her autism diagnosis while navigating her first year of high school, for fans of Jenny Han and Samira Ahmed.

Fifteen-year-old Jessie, a quirky loner obsessed with the nineties, is diagnosed as autistic just weeks before starting high school. Determined to make a fresh start and keep her diagnosis a secret, Jessie creates a list of goals that range from acquiring two distinct eyebrows to getting a magical first kiss and landing a spot in the school play. Within the halls of Holy Trinity High, she finds a world where things are no longer black and white and quickly learns that living in color is much more fun. But Jessie gets more than she bargained for when two very different boys steal her heart, forcing her to go off-script.


Jackie Khalilehis a Palestinian-Canadian writer with a love of nineties pop culture, Dad jokes, and warm and fuzzy romance. Like many autistic females, she received her diagnosis as an adult. She is passionate about positive representation within her writing. She currently resides just outside Toronto, Canada with her husband and two daughters, complaining nightly about having to cook dinner. Something More is her debut YA novel.

"As an autistic person herself, Khalilieh presents readers with a genuine protagonist. Jessie’s identity as the daughter of Palestinian immigrants is woven into the novel through cultural elements and brief explorations of Palestinian issues. . . . [A]n enjoyable read that will have readers rooting for Jessie’s success in love and life." —Kirkus Reviews

"Jessie’s attempts to define herself within her school and home life are enhanced by Khalilieh’s own experiences as an autistic Palestinian Canadian, imbuing Jessie’s challenges with organic-feeling nuance and making for a fully realized protagonist. [A] thought-provoking and thoroughly entertaining debut that centers questions of identity via a fresh lens." —Publishers Weekly

"This is the best kind of YA romance, brimming with endearing adolescent awkwardness, bittersweet soul-searching, angsty emotions, and lovable, realistic characters. Something More is a warm, sweet, hope-filled portrayal of neurodivergence and coming of age that spoke deeply to my heart, as a grown woman who was once a confused, awkward (unbeknownst to her then) autistic girl, who’s learned, just as Jessie does, to understand and love her neurodivergent self. I adored it." —CHLOE LIESE, author of Two Wrongs Make a Right

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