The House That Whispers

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From the author of The Best Liars in Riverview comes a subtle exploration of gender identity, family, and the personal ghosts that haunt us all, perfect for fans of Kyle Lukoff and Ashley Herring Blake.
Eleven-year-old Simon and his siblings, Talia and Rose, are staying the week at Nanaleen's century-old house. This time, though, it’s not their usual summer vacation trip. In fact, everything’s different. It’s fall, not summer. Mom and Dad are staying behind to have a “talk.” And Nanaleen’s house smells weird, plus she keeps forgetting things. And these aren’t the only things getting under Simon’s skin: He’s the only one who knows that his name is Simon, and that he and him pronouns are starting to feel right. But he’s not ready to add to the changes that are already in motion in his family.

To make matters worse, Simon keeps hearing a scratching in the walls, and shadows are beginning to build in the corners. He can’t shake the feeling that something is deeply wrong…and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it—which means launching a ghost hunt, with or without his sisters’ help. When Simon discovers the hidden story of his great-aunt Brie, he realizes that Brie’s life might hold answers to some of his worries. Is Brie’s ghost haunting the old O’Hagan house? And will Simon’s search for ghosts turn up more secrets than he ever expected?

Lin Thompson (they/them) grew up playing pretend games in the backyard and basement of their home in Kentucky. Now they get to write pretend stories in the backyard and basement of their home in Iowa, where they live with their wife and cat. Lin is the author of The Best Liars in Riverview and is a Lambda Literary Fellow of 2018.

"Thompson (The Best Liars in Riverview) punctuates a gentle story of bonding with genuinely scary moments and lovely descriptions of gender euphoria.... Reminiscent of Kyle Lukoff’s Too Bright to See, it’s an intriguing, warmhearted exploration of beauty and change."—Publishers Weekly

"Readers exploring their own gender identities will find a friend in Simon, who knows who he is but is adamant that it’s nobody else’s business and that if/when you come out, it is something you choose, not something you owe anyone. Highly recommended for fans of Kyle Lukoff."—Booklist

"Thompson’s sophomore novel is a blend of mystery, light horror, and a coming-of-age tale.... Recommended for purchase where there is high demand for stories focus

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