The Goat and the Stoat and the Boat

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Stoat is very happy alone in a boat when along comes Goat. In a colorful coat...determined to float WITH Stoat and SHARE the boat. When Stoat tries to chase Goat out of the boat, it becomes trickier to stay afloat.


Will Stoat and Goat end up in the moat? And will Goat's colorful coat be ruined?

Featuring a hilarious, tongue-twister text, slapstick humor, bright neon artwork, and colorful characters.

Em Lynas is a children’s author with a love of silly poetry, magic, dragons, and folklore. She has been a shoe store assistant, a teacher, and educational publisher, and now, an author of funny books. She is the author of The Cat and the Rat and the Hat, which was nominated for the UK Literary Association Book Award in 2023. Em lives by the seaside with her husband in Cleveland, England.

Matt Hunt graduated from the Birmingham School of Art, and from there, developed a love for children’s illustration. He works in mixed media, using paint, pens, crayons, and digital methods. His book Message in a Bottle was nominated for the Kate Greenaway Award, and his work has also been shortlisted for many other awards as well. Matt lives with his wife and son in Worcestershire, England.

Lynas’s cumulative narrative tells the raucous tale of a goat, a stoat, and their boat-size quarrel in this rigorously rhymed picture book. The unlikely crewmates’ path to camaraderie makes for a gaily reiterative readaloud that’s silly, and, eventually, sociable, too.—Publishers Weekly

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