The Journey to Constellation Station

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LOCAL AUTHOR! Signed paperback

Journey to Constellation Station is the rhythmic story of an interstellar train ride that will whisk you into a special part of space - the magical Constellation Station. Hop off the train to gaze through a unique telescope of stars. Stare down Leo the Lion, meet Orion the Hunter, see Pegasus spread his wings, and more!

Lindsay grew up surrounded by books, and now that she has two children and a few overflowing bookcases, she realizes that she's surrounded them in books as well. She still feels an energy when entering a library, wondering what she'll discover. The feeling is also partly worrying about how her rambunctious boys will behave...but she sure is glad that they share her love of books!

Jamin has loved teddy bears, cats, and space exploration for as long as he can remember. On most days you can find him in his basement bastion, alongside a creepy cardboard castle and a ladylike llama wearing a spotless space suit. He lives in magnificent Maryland — where he is always close to one of his favorite facilities, the National Air and Space Museum — with his wonderful wife, his dynamic dog, and his two cheeky, chatty, and charming children.


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