The Paper Bag Princess

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Paperback . This book has been a family favorite for nearly 20 years!  Elsie even went to the Society of Children's book writers and illustrators dressed - as the "Paper Bag Princess".

When the fiercest dragon in the whole world smashes Princess Elizabeth’s castle, burns all her clothes, and captures her fiancé, Prince Ronald, Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands. With her wits alone and nothing but a paper bag to wear, the princess challenges the dragon to show his strength in the hopes of saving the prince. But is it worth all that trouble?

Readers the world-over have fallen in love with this classic story of girl power. Now a newly designed Classic Munsch edition will introduce the tale to a new generation of young feminists.

Robert Munsch is one of North America’s best-selling children’s authors. His books are staples of any child’s library. All together they have sold over 30 million copies, and have been translated into over a dozen languages.

“I got into it backwards!” is Munsch’s reply to questions about how he became a children’s author. That’s because he makes up most of his stories on the spot, and tells them over and over before he writes them down. Munsch is bursting with ideas—though he says it sometimes takes him years to get a good story.

Since 1980, the year he worked with Robert on The Paper Bag Princess, Michael Martchenko has illustrated over 30 books for children and has exhibited his work throughout North America. He won the Ruth Schwartz Award for Thomas’ Snowsuit in 1986, and has won additional awards for design and illustration.

“Munsch is brilliant, and this tale has a message of empowerment for young girls and equality for young boys.”—Columbus Alive, 10/11/17

“Witty, vibrant and original.” —Globe and Mail

“Some of the best children’s books ever written have been about girls—like The Paper Bag Princess.”—The New York Times

“A classic feminist picture book.” —Montreal Gazette

“A trailblazer in gender-bending picture books.”
—The Huffington Post Canada, 05/04/15



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