The Redemption of Daya Keane

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The lyrical, insightful prose of We Are Okay meets the witty and irreverent voice of The Lesbiana’s Guide to Catholic School in this heartfelt queer coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of a small town’s evangelical megachurch culture.

It’s Daya Keane’s junior year, and nothing is as she expected.

First, her mother has started attending Grace Redeemer, the popular megachurch in town. Boasting concert-worthy light shows, an amazing live band—and a pastor who’s all about loving thy neighbor, as long as thy neighbor “gets right with God” first. 

And second, Daya talks to Beckett Wild at a party neither of them were meant to be at.

Beckett is Daya's longtime crush, the one she’s been pining after for years. She’s smart, cute, artistic…and the apparent poster girl for Grace Redeemer’s popular youth program. As Daya’s best friends, Stella and B’Rad, are quick to point out, someone like Beckett wouldn’t be remotely interested in returning her feelings.

Except maybe she is. Except maybe she does.

Daya’s never felt the need to have “normal” high school experiences. But she never expected to fall this hard for someone, either. Now Daya has to decide how far she’s willing to surrender to Beckett’s world of Grace Redeemer, and who she’s willing to become to be with her.

A fearless and profound tale ideal for readers of Jeff Zentner and Jennifer Dugan, The Redemption of Daya Keane gives an intimate and unforgettable look into a world that demands to be seen. 

Gia Gordon is a Texas-based author, youth activist, and former educator. She’s cofounder of the nonprofit Never Counted Out, which provides books to classrooms and community programs. When she’s not writing, Gia can be found at home with her partner and two kitties, out thrifting, or turning no-longer-wanted household goods into beautifully painted designs at Salvage Art. The Redemption of Daya Keane is her debut novel

“Emotional and empowering, The Redemption of Daya Keane is full of the kind of heart and truth that vibrates off the page. Gia Gordon captures the complexities of love, faith, and growing up queer in this pitch-perfect portrayal of a young woman learning to navigate the world on her own terms. You’ll be thinking about Daya and her unforgettable story long after you’ve finished!"
-Amber Smith, New York Times bestselling author of The Way I Used to Be

"The Redemption of Daya Keane is a glowing affirmation of staying true to your heart. The road might not always be easy, but Gia Gordon shows with witty and observant prose that staying true to yourself will never steer you wrong." -Jason June, New York Times best-selling author

"The Redemption of Daya Keane is a heartfelt and beautiful queer coming of age story. I fell in love with it with my whole heart. Gia Gordon took me to a world I’ll never forget, where I just wanted to hang out with Daya and her dazzling friends, B’Rad and Stella. Read it. Now." -Bill Konigsberg, Award-Winning Author of Openly Straight and The Music of What Happens

"With vibes of The Half of It and The Lesbiana's Guide to Catholic School, Gia Gordon presents an emotional and deeply relevant coming-of-age story about the power—and the cost—of embracing your truth." -Jonny Garza Villa, Stonewall Honor Author of Ander & Santi Were Here


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